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Butler's Courtyard's mission is to exceed our clients expectations in the delivery of a once in a lifetime experience set in an environment of historic elegance.

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Meet Our Team

Amber Murphy

Amber is the Daughter of Founder Nancy Richards and her husband Ronnie. In 2017 she purchased the business, along with her Sister Shawna, allowing her Mom and Janice Gunnin-Wilson to retire. Amber has worked at Butler’s Courtyard since it was founded and has had the unique opportunity to perform every task and experience BC from pretty much every point of view. She has been a Server, Event Manager, Bartender, Salesperson, Wedding Coordinator, Office Manager, Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor and even a Butler’s Courtyard Bride. She has the most experience as Office Manager where she served full time for about 5 years until the birth of her twins. When they were born Amber worked from home and came in as needed to help run the business. Her favorite part of her job is the connections you get to make. Connecting with a Bride and her family to give them the best day possible is a huge honor and a fun challenge. She also enjoys the connection and her bond with her team and with the “Friendors” that have become an extension of her family. She has spent most of her life in the area, is a graduate of Friendswood High School and Texas State University and loves League City.
“It is so great to be in a community with such deep family roots for us. My Grandfather had a grocery store here and it is so great to meet people that shopped there and hear their stories. He and my Nannie set a high bar and are really the roots of my family's legacy as business owners in this town.”

Amber feels blessed to be a steward of the vision, mission and the culture that has been carefully developed over the years by Founders Nancy and Janice and says “managing the Historic property, contributing to the beautification of League City and spending my days “working” with my Sister and Teammates, that are now like little sisters to me, truly is a DREAM come true!”

Shawna Erminger

Shawna is the youngest Daughter of Founder Nancy Richards and her husband Ronnie, and Co-Owner of Butler’s Courtyard. She also has another Title: VP of Special Projects. Her strengths are in creative thinking and managing the unique projects and events we have going on. During and after college Shawna was the Director of Sales for BC before moving to Dallas when her Husband was relocated. There she started a family and now has 3 precious little ones. Since moving back she has reintegrated herself back into the business and it feels like she never left! Shawna is always available if the team or a Bride needs her. She participates in every Open House, Bridal Show and as mentioned above is heavily involved in any Special Project, such as the recent Bridal Suite renovation.

Her favorite thing about BC is getting to work so closely with her family, particularly her favorite Sister: Amber, and the team we have built that has become family.

Lindsey Logan

Lindsey is an oldie but a goodie! Having worked at Butler’s Courtyard in 2011-2014, she has seen many angles to the business. Lindsey rejoined the team in January of 2018 as Director of Sales and Marketing. Her passion for the business and what it offers to future couples is what drives her to meet as many new couples as she can!

‍ “Butler’s Courtyard has always held a special place in my heart. Not only was it a crucial part of my personal growth and development, it was a sense of belonging that I know God established for me. I want all of our couples to feel that same feeling.”

‍ Lindsey loves to be active outdoors and leads fitness classes outside of work. She was born and raised here in the Bay Area and is raising her own family right down the street in the Historic District of League City.

Lindsey Thompson

Lindsey also known as LT, is the newest addition to Butler’s Courtyard. She joined the team in February 2019. Lindsey was raised in Lumberton, Texas. Last fall she moved to the Bay Area with the love of her life, Aaron and her fur baby Mickey.

Lindsey has a rich history of working in the wedding industry. Since college she has worked at several Bridal dress shops which is where her love of all things wedding began! Her forever dream of being a wedding coordinator become reality when she walked through the doors of Butler’s Courtyard.

“It was love at first sight when Amber gave me the grand tour of Butler’s Courtyard. I consider myself an old soul and have always loved historic buildings and antiques. This venue is the setting where so many love stories begun. You can almost feel the magic in the air, it totally draws you in! It is such an honor I now get to be a part of each couples love story, and hope one day I can have my own wedding here at Butler’s Courtyard!”

Ronnie Richard

Ronnie and wife Nancy founded Butler’s Courtyard located in the Historic District of League City in 2002. It is widely recognized as one of the Houston areas premier wedding and reception venues. In addition to his current role at BC he loves serving his Community and his State. He is a Director and Past President of the League City Historical Society and has a passion for preserving history such as that found in the many buildings that make up Butler’s Courtyard. Additionally, he was instrumental in forming the League City Downtown Association, a group that is working to create a vibrant, safe, walkable and popular business and residential area in the old downtown area.

Ronnie recently retired after a 45 year career in the factory built housing industry, last serving in the position of Vice President of Marketing for American Homestar Corporation; a League City, Texas based factory homebuilder with 700 employees, three manufacturing plants, retail dealerships, a mortgage company, and insurance operations generating annual revenues in excess of $100 million.

Ronnie is a graduate of Clear Creek High School and holds a B.B.A. from the University of Houston, has three married daughters (two of which now own Butler’s Courtyard) and eight grandchildren. It is hard to pinpoint what he does for us here at BC because he does so much. Mainly he helps handle the finances and utilizes his decades of marketing experience to drive all the Marketing and Advertising.

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Cheers to 20 Years

Butler's Court yard

Built in 1909, the Butler Building was the location of the first bank in League City. Over its history the building also housed a post office, cafe, hardware store, drug store, and had apartments upstairs.

Over time the building had fallen into a state of disrepair. Through the passion and determination of Nancy Richards and Janice Gunnin-Wilson, it has found new life as Butler’s Courtyard, a premiere event venue for the Houston area. This series of videos tells the story of Butler’s Courtyard.

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