Wedding Open House- What to Know

A wedding open house is the best way to visit a wedding venue! Not only do you get to see the wedding venue filled with guests, but you can taste wedding dinners, sample wedding cake, meet wedding DJs, talk wedding flowers and get a feel for what your wedding experience will be like on your wedding night!

What should you expect at a Summer wedding open house?

You want to be prepared to book your wedding date with your venue, especially if you are planning a spring wedding (or even a fall wedding). This means bring anyone who is helping you make your decision. Examples of these people would be your fiancé (first & foremost!), your parents and/or fiancé’s parents are great to invite, too! 

There is also plenty of room for your wedding party to attend a wedding open house with you! When making this once in a lifetime decision- you want to have multiple eyes and ears to help you process the information. They will most likely have great questions that will be helpful for your best wedding experience.

Bridesmaids Outside Wedding Venue for a Spring Photo
Photo by Eventsmith Productions

Keep in mind, a wedding open house may not be a wedding venue’s normal layout for a wedding reception. A venue open house hosts hundreds of people. Venues plan a specific layout for wedding vendor booths while also keeping in mind traffic flow and the space needed to stop and visit with each vendor. It is very unlikely that the venue will be set like it would for an elegant wedding reception. Prep ahead of time by visiting the wedding venues website to see photos of wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. This way you can envision the looks while you are there in person. Some websites even have galleries by seasons! If you are planning a spring wedding, look for spring wedding galleries.

How can a wedding open house help you make your decision? 

Observe how the venue team manages the event. While it may not be a wedding, there are still hundreds of people gathering that need to be hosted. The best wedding experience will mean that a wedding venue manages trash removal, keeps tables and surfaces clear, is smiling and interacting with guests, picking up trash from the floors, keeps the bathrooms tidy and restocks food and beverage stations. Ask your wedding venue if they include a service team and if not, ask who is responsible for managing the mentioned tasks above.

Wedding coordinators smiling and standing with their arms around a bride
Wedding Coordinators Lindsey and Amber with Bride Amy at Butler’s Courtyard in League City, Tx.

Was the vibe fun?! Expert and professional wedding coordinators are able to take away the stress that can come with planning a wedding. They are able to answer questions not only from you, but from your wedding party and guests. Their personality should be bubbly and they smile which causes you and your guests to smile. The same is necessary from your vendors! Fun is addicting. If your wedding vendors are providing a fun atmosphere and putting out fun vibes on your wedding day, you and your wedding party and guests will feel that and enjoy the fun wedding experience, too! 

What dates can you expect will book at a summer wedding open house? Spring wedding dates in 2024 are anticipated as the most popular. Next will be fall weddings. Spring and fall weddings are the most requested wedding dates for Texas weddings since they provide the perfect wedding experience for guests. Don’t be afraid to ask about promotional dates that may be offered at Open House! 

Save the date for Butler’s Courtyard Summer Wedding Open House on Sunday, July 30th, 3-5 PM. Book your wedding date at our open house to receive our Enhancement Package valued at $1,000 as a booking gift! Our premiere wedding venue is in League City, Tx. Our historic building is easy to find! We hope to see you there! 

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