Hello, 2021 Couples!

We know you are out there and already wedding planning – congratulations! This is such an exciting time! I have given so many tours and something I hear pretty frequently from our 2021 couples is, “we have so much time; we are really just getting an idea of what we’d like.”  As a wedding coordinator and venue manager, this is so tough to hear because the last thing we want is for you to find your dream venue, regardless of where that is, not book it because there are several months before your wedding and find out months later that your special date is gone!. What I want you to know is it is time to book your date now!

“But, why? We have more than a year to decide.”

There are several reasons to book as soon as you fall in love with a venue.

One of those reasons is that we’re ALREADY booking 2021 dates! Yes, you read that correctly!. And we have been booking them for some time now! This means that other vendors are also booking their calendars. If you want to have your pick of vendors, it’s time to start securing your 2021 wedding date!

Second, you get your pick of dates! There are only 52 Saturdays in the year. Our event venue alone easily does double that amount of events in a slow year. If you want a Saturday, committing now is the best way to guarantee your ideal wedding date. As soon as one date goes, the rest fill in quickly. Of course, you can always choose another day of the week, but in our experience, Saturdays are most frequently requested. Check out the bottom of the blog for projected dates to book quickly based on demand!

Maybe most importantly, it makes things financially easier on you to book sooner rather than later! With our monthly payment plan, you can easily knock off thousands of dollars before even entering your wedding year! This allows you to include vendors and special touches you weren’t sure you could fit into your budget before (say, those Whataburger taquitos you wanted at the end of the night), or start your marriage debt free (Dave Ramsey is giving you a thumbs up right now!).

Lastly, booking now gives you peace of mind. There is so much to be said about having your date and your venue. If you go with Butler’s Courtyard, you have a team who is dedicated to your wedding and reception from the moment you walk through our doors. Plus, you will have many opportunities to attend our various events and enjoy our venue before your big day!

Message us now to schedule a tour – we hope to see you soon!



Based on past experience and other venues in our area, projected dates to be in demand are:


04.03.21- It’s the FINAL COUTNDOWN. Get it? 4,3,2,1?
05.21.21- Repeat Anniversary Dates are big. 10.20.20 was hugely requested and was the first date to book at most venues.

07.03.21 (7×3+21)- For our engineers and math teachers!

10.30.21- Halloween dates book up every year, even when it is during the middle of the week. The 30th is even more popular to host this style wedding without your guests missing their trick or treating evening.
12.11.21- Palindrome Dates are also big because they are so rare.

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