Your Kids on Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. You want everything to be perfect and there are so many ways you can personalize your wedding day to you and your future spouse. This day represents your future, your commitment and your family. In a lot of to-be marriages children are already existent. So what can you do to include your kids in your wedding day?

Well, first of all, I love this. I love blended family marriages. This is probably because my family is a blended family. However, it’s such a unique experience to live life WITH your children. Having our daughter’s witness our marriage is one of the coolest moments because of the example we were able to set for them. Not all kiddos have the privilege of attending their parents wedding because their parent’s story was different. So what are ways to take this monumental moment and parent amazingly? How do you let them know they are still a priority and that this day is for them to?

Let them walk with you. Including them as wedding party is a great way to give them importance and spotlight their role. You could have them be Jr. Wedding Party by walking with the others and wearing coordinating colors as your older members. Or if they are older and want them to have a more mature role than being in the wedding party is perfect. They will stand up front in support of your marriage just like everyone else you asked to be bridal party or groom’s party. Just don’t invite them to the bachelor/bachelorette events so you can let your hair down like you deserve!

Exchange vows with them. Taking time to declare your love and intention of the relationship in front of your family and officiant includes them on a deeper level. This exchange changes the dynamic to a family oriented ceremony. It will let your children know that this day is for them, too and you are making commitments to them as well. Gifting jewelry in place of a ring is a great touch. Have younger kids? A ring pop is a fun and cute way to mimic the ring exchange.

Adding a sand ceremony to your vow exchange is a great way to bring the kiddos in as well! This is a way to still include them more than standing but less that exchanging vows. Each family member has a different color of sand and will all our together into a decorative container to blend your colors into one. This way you will also have a very cool keepsake!

Dance with them at your reception. Talk to your DJ about adding a special dance to your normal dances like First Dance and Father Daughter. Choose a song that speaks to them or a fun tune like the Macarena! This will give you a dedicated moment together and pictures that you will have forever. Already booked at Butler’s Courtyard? The DJ is part of your full-service wedding reception!

Have games at your receptions! If your kids are younger you can have coloring pages at a table. If older you can set up corn-hole or giant jenga at your reception (perfect for outdoor weddings or rustic weddings). A picture scavenger hunt is another fun to-do! Set out disposable cameras with a list of objects or events (bride and groom kissing) that they need to find and capture.

Making a wedding yours is so much fun and the sky is the limit! We have an expert team that is here to help you think of ideas and execute them to a “t”! Being a premier wedding venue in Houston comes with a lot of knowledge! However, this can help any couple so feel free to share! Follow us on Pinterest to see some of the ideas mentioned here in real weddings at Butler’s Courtyard in League City, Tx.

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